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Pratter (price matters) is a medical cost savings and transparency company with five (5) software platform solutions. The savings is quantifiable. Money Map (where to go for care), Pricing Portal (what to pay for care) and Hospital Bill Eraser (what no to pay for care) have strategies that can be implemented at both the member and plan level to maximize savings and access to care. Pratter strategy summary: (1) Hospitals are the most expensive place to get routine care. (2) Go to the hospital only if you need hospitalized and then use Hospital Bill Eraser. (3) Don’t go to the hospital for routine care, as currently 90% do. (4) 80% of America can choose a nearby non-hospital (Money Map/SmartChoice card) provider. (5) Pratter Money Map/SmartChoice cards eliminate much of the 1,000% pricing variation for routine care, blood work, imaging, surgery center and urgent care.

Founded: 2014
Employees: 11-50
Latest funding: $500K Angel on 3/15/2022
Investors: Bill Hennnesey, MD, Rich Kozakiewicz, MD

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