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Rightway is the leader in driving healthcare value for everyone, everywhere. Its cutting-edge care navigation and pharmacy benefits solutions steer members to the highest quality care and medication, leading to better care and happier employees at a lower cost. Rightway’s navigation solution simplifies healthcare for employers and members. A user-friendly app and a team of live, empathetic health guides who act as a single point of contact to the healthcare system. This personalized, “doctor in the family” approach to education, guidance, and advocacy ensures members get the right care at the right price. Whether it’s identifying a high quality provider or disputing a medical bill, experts guide members towards the best care while eliminating wasteful and preventable spend. On the back end, clinical guides utilize Rightway’s proprietary platform to stratify the population across risk buckets, uncover opportunities for proactive outreach, and close care gaps. Rightway maintains a net promoter score (NPS) over 84 and has an average member engagement rate of 41%. The solution demonstrates over a 4.8x employer ROI across its book of business, and has been proven by a third-party actuarial analysis to lower healthcare costs by 15%. Today, Rightway works with over 1,000 employer groups (including Okta, Davis Polk, Peloton, TPG, Kroger, Burger King, Instacart, DoorDash, and many more) and has over one million members on the platform. Rightway is well-funded by top investors, raising $130M in total funding with the most recent Series C financing round led by Khosla Ventures, Tiger Global, and Thrive Capital.

Founded: 2017
Employees: 201-500
Total funding: $130M
Latest funding: $100M Series C on 3/30/2021
Investors: Thrive Capital, Tiger Global Management, Khosla Ventures

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